Motion on City Target Application March 2013

MARCH 19, 2013
Agenda Item #12-B
Whereas, Target is applying for a determination of “Public Convenience or Necessity” (aka “Caldera” finding) by the Los Angeles City Council to permit CityTarget to sell a full-line of alcoholic beverages, including hard liquor, beer, and wine at its Westwood Village location; and
Whereas, Target’s request is for an unprecedented sixth off-site alcohol license that would exceed the maximum number of five off-site alcohol licenses allowed by ABC within the Westwood Village census tract area, for the first time in Westwood’s history; and
Whereas, there are three existing off-site licensees selling a full-line of alcoholic beverages, including hard liquor, beer, and wine, within 100 feet of CityTarget in Westwood, and a total of five retail outlets selling alcoholic beverages for off-site consumption within three blocks of CityTarget; and
Whereas, there is a severe and long-term level of undue overconcentration of alcoholic beverage outlets in Westwood Village, including both on-site and off-site outlets; and
Whereas, the City’s own Zoning Administration staff within the City Planning Department denied Target’s request for a Conditional Use Beverage Permit to sell a full-line of alcohol for off-site consumption at CityTarget in Westwood; and
Whereas, many other national brand and local retailers previously have been denied off-site alcohol licenses in Westwood due to the severe and long-term level of undue overconcentration of alcohol in Westwood, including CVS, Sav-on, Walgreens, Famima, and Westwood Village Mart; and
Whereas, numerous sensitive uses are located in close proximity to CityTarget in Westwood including the UCLA campus, a child care facility within the CityTarget building, religious institutions, an abutting senior assisted living facility, and residential apartments directly across the street; and
Whereas, Westwood Village has higher than average crime and elevated levels of alcohol-related crimes, and has been a target of special law enforcement by ABC and LAPD to reduce alcohol related crimes and vice including sale of alcohol to minors, underage drinking , public intoxication, and aggressive panhandling, among others; and
Whereas, significant public health and safety concerns exist within the Westwood community over many alcohol related issues including excessive alcohol consumption, underage drinking, binge drinking, DUIs, alcohol-related injuries, alcohol-induced fatalities, a large presence of underage residents in the Westwood community, and other alcohol-related harms; and
Whereas, according to the Los Angeles County Health Department, there is a direct correlation between an increase in the number of outlets that sell alcohol for off-site consumption and an increase in the frequency and severity and of these alcohol-related harms within that community; and

Whereas, the general public in Westwood already has abundant and convenient access to alcohol in Westwood Village and throughout the Westwood community, including the same building in which CityTarget is located, as well as directly across the street, and there is no necessity for more off-site alcohol in Westwood Village; and
Whereas, the Westwood community, UCLA students, and general public have other significant unmet shopping needs in Westwood including a larger selection of men’s and women’s shoes, apparel, computers, electronics, school and office supplies, baby and toddler clothing, household items, and other general merchandise, rather than more alcohol; and
Whereas, based on all these facts, there is no reasonable basis upon which to make a “Public Convenience or Necessity” determination in this case; and
Whereas, if the Los Angeles City Council were to make an unwarranted and unjustified “Public Convenience or Necessity” determination as a special favor to CityTarget, this would cause significant harmful impacts on the Westwood community and set a very dangerous precedent that there is no enforceable limit on the number of off-site alcohol licenses in Westwood Village:
Now, therefore, be it resolved that the Westwood Community Council strongly opposes Target’s application for a “Public Convenience or Necessity” determination by the Los Angeles City Council; and
Be it further resolved that the Westwood Community Council calls upon our Councilmember Paul Koretz to support the unanimous position of the elected and organized Westwood community, including the Westwood Community Council, Westwood Neighborhood Council, Holmby-Westwood Property Owners Association, Westwood Homeowners Association, Westwood Hills Property Owners Association, and North Westwood Village Residents Association, among others, and to oppose this “Public Convenience or Necessity” application as strongly as possible; and
Be it finally resolved that the Westwood Community Council calls upon the members of the Los Angeles City Council to deny this unwarranted and unjustified application by Target for a “Public Convenience and Necessity” determination for its CityTarget location in Westwood Village.
Motion proposed by John Heidt
Note: the same, or substantially similar, motion already was adopted unanimously by the Westwood Neighborhood Council at its meeting on February 13, 2013. A Neighborhood Impact Statement will be filed with the Los Angeles City Clerk by the Westwood Neighborhood Council, for inclusion in the Council File on CityTarget’s request for a “Public Convenience or Necessity” determination.