Bicycle Plan

bike 1LADOT is planning a network of bicycle paths to serve West Los Angeles and the City. The links below provide information about the mobility element bike plan routes, including one on Westwood Blvd., and elsewhere in the Westwood Community Plan area.

They also provide useful descriptions of the new bike facilities under consideration as well as pictures of typical installations.

Mobility Element Bike Plan–the new mobility element bike plan  shows Westwood Boulevard bike facility.

Bike Enhanced Network, (BEN) scenario one.  (shows Westwood as having “moderate” enhancements)

 Bike Enhanced Network, scenario 2 (shows Westwood as having “comprehensive” enhancements)

This document includes photographs of changes that might be implemented to put the moderate and comprehensive enhancements into effect.From:

  The enhancement levels are defined as:

·         Moderate enhancements typically include buffered bicycle lanes that do not require intersection signalization for bicycles or turning-movement restrictions for motor vehicles.

·         Comprehensive enhancements include cycle tracks that offer an increased degree of separation between bicyclists and the adjacent travel lanes; in addition, cycle tracks would likely implement signalization for bicycles and turning-movement restrictions for motor vehicles.

The CEQA scoping document ( specifically mentions Westwood Boulevard on page 4.

“Westwood to West Los Angeles, via Westwood Boulevard”

Detailed map of the proposed bike path from the mobility element…