405 Construction Destruction Continues, Ramps to Close

UPDATE: Metro/Kiewitt will close two Wilshire ramps for an extended period beginning in August.  Northbound off-ramp at Sunset will close August 3, to be followed later in the month by the Northbound on-ramp from Eastbound Wilshire.

Metro schedules change often. The most up to date source for 405 Sepulveda Improvement Project information is at the Metro website.

</strong http://www.metro.net/projects/I-405/

Closure of the northbound on ramp from eastbound Wilshire is expected to extend for 90 days beginning in August and will overlap with a 120-day planned closure of the Sunset Blvd. off-ramp. Sunset traffic is expected to exit at Montana or Moraga during the closure. Metro plans to detour the east-bound Wilshire traffic south on Sepulveda to the Santa Monica Blvd. on-ramp. Drivers who chose instead to turn north on Sepulveda will encounter delays entering the northbound 405 at Moraga. Congestion in the Moraga/Ovada/Sepulveda area will be compounded for 8-months by an ongoing reduction of Church Lane from three-lanes to two.