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WCC Votes to Support Sepulveda Pass Heavy Rail

At its July meeting, WCC’s Board of Directors voted unanimously to support a one-seat Valley-Westside Sepulveda Transit Corridor Project alignment that provides below-ground heavy rail with a terminal on the UCLA campus and a direct connection to the Westwood Purple Line. In so doing, the Board rejected an alternative proposal that would link the Valley and LAX via an above-grade monorail down the center of the 405 freeway.

The monorail alternative would carry fewer passengers than the heavy rail options and would not connect directly with UCLA which is expected to generate a large proportion of the cross-mountain passengers. This monorail option proposes to link to UCLA by building an elevated people mover that would pass above both Wilshire and Westwood Blvds. to reach campus. This latter proposal is called a two-seat option because passengers must use two conveyances to reach their desitinations and is expected to reduce UCLA-bound ridership on the proposed cross-mountain service.

In other action, the Board voted to support a Westwood Regional Alliance of Councils (WRAC) motion to support Citywide Sign Ordinance Version B+ which disapproves amnesty for existing unpermitted billboards, disapproves “grandfathering” of pre-2009 sign districts, restricts new off-site signs, including digital billboards among other provisions.

Sepulveda Transit Corridor on WCC July Meeting Agenda

The next meeting of the WCC Board will take place at 7 p.m., July 16, 2019, in the Community Room of Belmont Village Westwood, 10475 Wilshire Blvd. The meeting will include a presentation on Metro’s proposed Sepulveda Corridor Transit Project by Renée Fortier, Executive Director of UCLA Events & Transportation, and Dave Karwaski, Director of UCLA Mobility Planning & Traffic Systems.

UCLA Vice Chancellor to Speak at July 17 Board Meeting

UCLA’s new Administrative Vice Chancellor, Michael J. Beck, and Housing Director Peter Angelis, will be featured speakers at the July 17 meeting of the Westwood Community Council Board of Directors. They are expected to address a wide range of topics including Planning for the Olympic Games, housing needs related to increasing enrollments, and the challenges of operating a campus with a daily population larger than many small cities.  The meeting will begin at 7 p.m. in the Community Room of Belmont Village Westwood, 10475 Wilshire Blvd. 90024.  Parking is available under the building.



ImageHEADS UP!!  New date for WOMP 2014.

WOMP 2014  is scheduled for May 31…….Mark your calendars.


Look What's New in Westwood Village

1. Le Conte-Gayley Mixed Use Project (10970 Le Conte Ave.)
Currently before Westwood DRB (9/13/13)
2. Weyburn Terrace (11000 Weyburn Dr) UCLA graduate student housing
3. ShopHouse Southeast Asian Kitchen (10959 Broxton Ave.) Under construction
4. Gayley-Kinross Mixed Use Project (10955-10959 Gayley Ave.) Renovation of three-building complex and restoration of historic building facade. Expected completion fall 2014.
5. Shepard Mitchell Building Historic Renovation (1108-1144 Gayley Ave), DRB approved, Expected completion fall 2014.
6. Lindbrook-Gayley Mixed Use Project (10917-10925 Lindbrook/ll08-ll14 Gayley) Under construction.
7. The Gayley at Wilshire (10955 Wilshire Blvd.) R.M.Stern designed 29-story hotel or condominium, fully entitled.
8. Majestic Crest Theater (1261 Westwood Blvd.) Historic cinema reopened May 2013.
9. iPic Theater Westwood (10840 Wilahire Blvd.) Under construction. Expected to open early 2014.
10. Plaza la Reina (10844 Lindbrook Dr.) Luxury extended stay hotel under construction. Expected completion July 2014.
11. The Boiling Crab (1097 Glendon Ave.) Seafood restaurant. Approvals in process. Expected completion early 2014.
12. Holmby Hall Seismic Upgrade and Interior Improvements (901-951 Westwood Blvd./10902-10914 Le Conte Ave,/10901-10909 Weyburn Ave.)Seisimic upgrade and improvements of historic structure. In planning.
13. Broxton-LeConte Mixed-Use Project (corner of Broxton and LeConte) Mixed Use. Planning stages.